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Natural wellness market for active lifestyles.

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About herbOrder

Why are we here?

We started herbOrder as an eCommerce system for local distributors in Arizona. Today we are also committed to supporting our customers & community nationwide. We provide natural wellness lifestyle + beauty products that help us to get the most out of each day of life. We're committed to being one less distributor ignoring the long term effects of exposure to unnatural products.

Have come to realize that NO ONE has the solutions you need, BUT YOU? That’s great news, because we exist to provide natural products supporting your journey to finding your solutions… day to day, in the most natural way.  We offer you truth & transparency in our business, products & services, and are grateful that you’re here for it.


"We're a Veteran Owned Business"​

herbOrder (pronounced: erb-order) , is a veteran owned company founded in 2012 by USAF Veteran Delonté Riggins. His core mission was to provide his local business owners with an ecommerce platform to supply wellness products to his local community. After learning that every business wasn't honest about their practices, he decided to provide products himself, but with truth & transparency at the forefront. Since then herbOrder has evolved into developing, curating and distributing organically produced, all natural products that support and enhance a lifestyle of wellness. We distribute our proprietary brands, such as 2Rise Naturals CBD & Active Living Supplements, and also provide curated natural products from other producers around the world.

Value Added Reseller/System Integrator (VAR/SI)

Environmentally & Socially Conscious

herbOrder is dedicated to environmentally responsible business practices throughout our production and fulfillment process, using organic farming methods, biodegradable, recyclable packaging and shipping materials.

We practice social responsibility by , providing truth and transparency in business and about the products or services they allow into their lives daily. We stay dedicated to our founding mission of transparency in business and serving the local community. We're passionate about addressing the mental and physical wellness of women & men in our community. We provide assistance to low-income entrepreneurs world wide, dedicate time to volunteer & charity work for Children’s Hospitals and veteran’s in local adult care centers.

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