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We believe getting and staying active in your life is the begining to actively moving your community toward wellness. We're committed to being one less distributor ignoring the long term effects of exposure to unnatural products on our people and our community.

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It’s not all about the money

Although herbOrder is an environmentally & socially conscious business, our mission does not solicit donations, or give support directly to organizations with a general, non-culturally specific, agenda of charity. Our mission centers on supporting under-resourced minority/FBA communities to assist in developing healthy, self-sufficient, economical & political growth. 

If you would like to support our mission, you can do so by simply offering your place of business up to local entrepreneurs or organizations for events at no charge. We have personally benefited from the kindness of local small business leaders who offer extra office space or conference rooms to entrepreneurs because they support independent veteran/minority businesses. If you own a health or natural food-related business, consider connecting to community organizations or businesses, and offer nutritional information or seminars.  Time is valuable, and education is charity.

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But, sometimes it is about the money

Though we do not ask for donations, we do support trusted programs that greatly benefit from donations, and focus their efforts specifically toward the advocacy and advancement of under-resourced communities. One such program is the lending community., is an organization providing loans for global entrepreneurs doing amazing things.If you aren’t aware of Kiva and their purpose, please visit their website and get familiar with their mission.  Through Kiva, we support a wide range of  entrepreneurs from across the world.  All loans are funded by optional donations from other generous entrepreneurs and businesses. Kiva does not take a cut of loans, 100% of funds go to the borrowers.

Please consider joining our lending team.  Your loan contribution can be as little as $25.

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