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The Sleep Experiment

A few weeks ago, I woke in the morning feeling rested, alive, with a clear head and a calm heart. This might sound ordinary. Boring, even. I wish it were. Most mornings I woke up tired, cranky, and foggy. Sometimes it was the fault of my chattering brain, keeping me awake and fidgety well after […]

Reducing your Toxic Load at Home

Just like second-hand smoke, a toxic environment can be a precursor to a variety of illnesses and can even play a role in that runny nose that just won’t seem to quit! Accumulation of toxins over a lifetime of exposure can contribute to much larger health issues which is why there’s no time like now to start reducing your toxic load!

Rise with Us: Team Member Morning Wellness Routine

WFH may have been the last thing you wanted to do, but our team members are big fans of remote work. Here is how we are making it through these next few weeks and a ritual to keep mind, body, and immune system in top shape!

Cannabis Landscape 2020

We’ve rounded up some knowledge to give a good grasp at what we will see from Cannabis in 2020, the good and the bud, oops we mean bad.

Women in Cannabis

In an industry like CBD and Cannabis that’s booming like crazy, we’d like to take a look at some of the leading ladies that inspire us as entrepreneurs to take on the competitive world and thrive. Kendra Mark, the founder of 2Rise is amongst some of these inspiring women that not only teach us more […]

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