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CBD and your Cycle

CBD and your Cycle

You’re on the couch eating a tub of rocky road crying over a chick flick and the moment finally hits you. You realize why you’ve been such a hot mess- the tide has turned and it’s crimson. 

Aside from the funny euphemisms and blaming irrational actions you inflict on your family in public, periods can cause serious life derailment for some women. Up to 90% of reproductive-age women suffer from painful periods — the medical term for it is “dysmenorrhea.”

As the medical community increasingly takes women’s health more seriously, NSAID’S are still the primary source of treatment for painful periods. But have you ever picked up a bottle of name brand painkiller? It reads like a Stephen King Novel! Heart Failure, liver disease, overdose, and death are all potential side effects of long-term usage. 

A Vicious cycle

Your cycle is a complicated thing. Hormones change and all bodies respond differently but when a woman’s hotel has a vacancy when your body expected a guest to show- we experience what can be a wrathful and painful week of symptoms ranging from pain sensitivity to cramps to headaches and more.

The answer. Period.

Researchers in women’s health suggest that CBD may inhibit the prostaglandin-producing enzyme -an inflammatory chemical your body releases during menstruation that is responsible- for most period symptoms, the same chemical inhibited by NSAID’S without the negative effects). We’ll do you one better! Most medical professionals recommend beginning NSAID’s before cramps take effect but not all of us are aware of when our cycle actually begins so it’s hard to prepare. Being on a daily CBD regimen could help your body from reaching peak prostaglandin release so when cramps come calling you’re covered!

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