How Sunflower Lecithin May Help CBD Work Better and Faster

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Sunflower lecithin is an ingredient some of you may have noticed on some of your hemp and/or cannabis-based products. It isn’t an unnecessary supplement. Sunflower lecithin may help your CBD take effect faster. It may also aid your CBD product in being more effective.

Lecithin Occurs Naturally in the Brain

The brain lecithin is roughly one-third of your brain’s substance. It occurs naturally in the body. Although produced naturally, it won’t harm your body to add a little more from external sources because your body loves lecithin. It’s in every living thing.

The lecithin in your brain is gooey to the touch. Lecithin, like sunflower lecithin, used in food and supplements is a brownish-yellow color often in powder or granule form.

What does Sunflower Lecithin Do?

Lecithin is an emulsifier and is a common ingredient in everyday items like chocolate. Its job is to help all the ingredients stick together and prevent separation. Lecithin also has choline in it, which is in every cell membrane of your body.

Sunflower lecithin works with your cells and the CBD compounds of your full-spectrum hemp CBD product. It helps your body accept, rather than reject, the cannabinoids.

Why your Full-Spectrum CBD May Seem More Potent

When you ingest cannabinoids, whether they are hemp or cannabis-derived, it may take some time for the cell membranes in your body to absorb them. The addition of sunflower lecithin helps your cell membranes accept and absorb more of the cannabinoids.

When your body absorbs more of the cannabinoids you’re ingesting, they become more effective. Some mistake this for increasing potency, but the fact of the matter is, your body is just absorbing more cannabinoids so it makes it seem like it’s a stronger product. The CBD is absorbed faster, which also gives an illusion that it’s a stronger dose than what you really took.

Metabolism Matters

Your body’s natural metabolism also plays a vital role in the acceptance of CBD products including sunflower lecithin. The faster your metabolism is, the sooner you will notice that the oil or capsule is working. If you have a slower metabolism and need your full-spectrum hemp CBD to start working faster, exercise is the answer. Don’t overdo it though, you only want to raise your heart rate enough to jumpstart your metabolism to absorb the cannabinoids faster.


A huge benefit of sunflower lecithin is that it is allergen-free. For those with food allergies, you don’t have to worry; you are safe with sunflower lecithin!

In certain cultures that require kosher or halal diets, sunflower lecithin is an acceptable ingredient. Other forms of lecithin are derived from soybeans, so those may produce an allergic reaction if you have a soybean or similar allergy.

Closing Thoughts

In addition to helping your body absorb more cannabinoids, sunflower lecithin may also help improve your memory. You may also notice a stronger immune system as it can help prevent viruses and bacteria from invading your body. It coats the red blood cells in the body to act as a “protective shield” so-to-speak.

One last notable benefit to mention is a potential prevention of hardening of the arteries, so it may help prevent strokes, heart attacks and other heart-related issues.

Sunflower lecithin is more than an aid for cannabinoids; it may help improve your overall health and wellness.

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