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Coconut MCT

Coconut MCT (or medium-chain-triglycerides) are a really important addition to our formulation as CBD is broken down in fats instead of water. With MCT,  your body metabolizes CBD in the liver as a carbohydrate and is able to convert it quickly so you can get faster effects and more absorption. It also boasts an additional array of health benefits on it’s own for even more wellness benefits with CBD.

So what’s the problem? Well for us and our environmentally-sustainable coconut-derived MCT, there isn’t one! But some brands have taken to using the more cost-effective MCT alternative, palm oil.  

Palm oil is not your typical merry MCT, palm oil has been responsible for significant portions of deforestation. This often illegal practice is responsible for endangering eco-systems around the world including orangutans, tigers, and elephants. Palm oil is used in a ton of personal care and food products and its important to be wary of the ecological cost of supporting this ingredient’s sourcing methods.

NON-GMO farming practices

Ain’t no thang like G thing. Unless that “G” ends with “-MO”

GMO’s have been a hot topic in the food and farming industry for a long time now. Ever since the 1970’s discovery that DNA could be altered, industries from tobacco to agriculture all the way to genetics have been helping alter the helix for a variety of medical, safety, and revenue earning reasons.

Genetic engineers and transgenic technology entails the use of a laboratory to genetically modified organisms, plants, animals, micro-organism or other organisms whose genetic makeup has been modified. The non-GMO project has taken on the task of creating a helpful hierarchy of high-risk to low-risk GMO’s for the public. This seal is often seen on foods at your local grocery.

But what does CBD have to do with GMO?

Well aside from being two regularly talked about wellness buzzwords, CBD is derived from hemp grown on a, you guessed it, farm!

To add some perspective, the first GMO was tobacco.  Though not related to CBD, IT often acts as a distant cousin by way of consumption methods. Genetically modifying a plant like hemp, can not only help it grow faster and produce more flowers but also help increase the range of biodiversity in which it can grow.

Superior cultivations standard is the reason we choose US-based hemp. Our close relationship with an organic hemp farm in Colorado ensures that our CBD is the highest quality. We also use third-party lab testing as just another way our ensure oils continue to adhere to stringent specifications and do not contain any undesirable leaves of natural bioactive compounds.

Learn more about our sustainable standards.

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