Rise with Us: Team Member Morning Wellness Routine

WFH may have been the last thing you wanted to do, but our team members are big fans of remote work. Here is how we are making it through these days of social distancing and a ritual to keep mind, body, and immune system in top shape!



I am such a morning person, I get most of my work and exercise out of the way by about 1PM and usually do small things at the end of the day like clean around the house, answer emails, take calls, etc. My day really doesn’t start until I wash my face. With a background in beauty and wellness marketing, I have tried just about every clean brand out there, but I rarely use traditional products anymore. I am a firm believer that both what we put in and on our bodies matters.

I love Agent Nateur right now. As a formulator, Jena is hypervigilant when it comes to efficacy and ingredients. Her powder ascorbic acid, Holi C is my skin-game changer as the light tingle upon application gives me a much needed wake up. I have to moisturize or I’ll feel uncomfortably dry.  I use a combination of oils and butters, but right now I am obsessed with the Nature of Things Superlative Body Balm. As a night runner, I often wake up with ankle soreness and a scoop of this will start alleviating pain right away.

6:15 AM


I try to answer most of my emails in the morning instead of checking them throughout the day-unless it’s important. It helps me stay focused on other tasks as well as keep the priority on outstanding work instead of that awful tendency I have to skip around and do the funnest project first!

7:30 AM 

Breakfast & Supplements

I don’t do caffeine but I love CBD for focus.  Tinctures are easiest for me as I can easily dose more or less as needed. I use the Full Spectrum Drop 01 but also take liposomal Vitamin D and C as well as different adaptogens in a smoothie if I’m hungry. I love Four Sigmatic or Moon Juice as a brand. 

I never eat a big breakfast because I typically do my lifting routine in the morning and I had received a lot of research that said eating before working out was less than ideal for muscle growth. 

I’ll typically do most of my work that requires concentration around this time until I get hungry for lunch, then I’ll head to my home gym for a quick workout.

12 PM:


I go to the gym 6 times a week and run 3-4 times a week nightly. I alternate between HIIT (high intensity interval training) and powerlifting, usually paying most attention to my lower body and core. Getting my heart rate up starts my day. I would not be in a good mood without it, which is why- vacation or not, i make it to the gym. The exception would be Sundays, where I typically take a rest day.

With most of the gyms closed, I’ve taken this opportunity to revamp my home workout with a series of resistance band sets for arms and shoulders while utilizing an old yoga mat for floor exercise for glute, legs, and core. Instagram influencers have been some of my best places to keep my home workouts fresh and interesting and I have found a ton of new ways to incorporate furniture and body weight into my routine. One interesting thing to try is blood flow restriction bands, if you are into higher level weights this will allow you to use the bands on your arms and legs and do lower weights and get to exertion much faster. 

Hydration is a gym-goers BFF so I love adding The Beauty Chef Hydration to my water bottle. I use a reusable YETI tumbler for environmentally-friendly reasons. I do also put a lot of effort into preventing bacteria at the gym. I tend to have very sensitive skin so I carry around Indie Lee peel pads for after the gym to help keep acne and blackheads on my face or body away and wash my hands before and after almost every new set.


There are a couple of juice places I adore by my gym, but if I’m gonna make it at home, I love using my SMEG blender It’s such a cool retro addition to the counter space, simply throw in some veggies and protein powder and blend it up. I try to avoid a lot of sugar due to some auto-immune issues I’ve had over the years but if I’m really craving something sweet then coconut protein powder, a banana and a single scoop of Justin’s peanut butter can usually do the trick! If I need a pick-me-up I’ll add either an additional dropper of CBD or Guarana in case I need the caffeine to bring me back to life.

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