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Save Green, Buy Bulk

There’s a fine line to walk when buying in bulk. If you buy too much of something can lead to extra waste- like food and other perishables. In terms of your wellness routine, buying in bulk can not only be a more sustainable option but also save you a little extra green in the process!

According to the University of Southern Indiana, one-third of all landfill waste is packaging material. Packaging materials range from glass to plastic, to boxes like cardboard and more. Though our team is doing our part to help mitigate extra waste like our commitment to recycled materials in our shipments and our continual search for more sustainable options- we still need your help! We developed our Bulk program to help you and 2Rise save some green.

Reasons to Buy Bulk

Just like we say all the time- CBD works best on a set regimen. Chances are if you’re a CBD fan- you’ve been through a few bottles of 2Rise already. Why not stay stocked? When you buy either of our tinctures or supplements you purchase 4 bottles and receive the 5th free! That’s a total of 20% savings and is a 5 months supply of your CBD in a single shipment. When 65% of a household’s waste is packaging material, buying in bulk is a much more sustainable option.

  • Cleaning Supplies- Non-toxic cleaning supplies can be found at a variety of health food stores but often come in bulk with a savings attached!
  • Foods like nuts and coffee that often you can purchase from bins- sans packaging at stores like Erewon, Wholefoods, Sprouts and more with longer shelf life. Co-op style stores often have high turnover so you’re goods are fresher anyway!
  • Personal Care and wellness products: things that toothbrushes and vitamins often come in bulk containers which can cut down dramatically on packaging and shipping waste!

More time for Life

A study conducted by found that the average person spends two hours a day shopping online at work! Not that we all don’t deserve a little browse-worthy down-time but for those of us who spend 10-12 hours a day attached to a screen,  two hours out of your day could be spent living life and giving yourself and the planet a much deserved unplugging. Buying in bulk can keep your wellness cupboard stocked for up to 5 months! Just check out once, and keep your wellness regimen in check. Buying bulk can also keep your purse a little lighter! Don’t carry that pesky glass from work to home to the gym, keep one at all your go-to places and don’t worry what might happen if you have to go CBD-free.


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