5 Wellness Trends to Leave in 2019

From SPF pills to detox teas, we’re saying bye to these weird woo and wellness trends from 2019.

CBD without Transparency

CBD sales soared in 2019 and we aren’t mad about it but thanks to careful marketing and strategic storytelling some information and transparent just wasn’t here. Read more about the commitment we are making in 2020 and how we took transparency to a whole new level this year with you at our side. One thing we will say: we think CBD should be consumed the way mother nature intended and we keep it of the utmost priority to share our ingredients and lab results for total transparency. Help make 2020 the year of totally transparent CBD. Ask vendors and manufactures for more info!


“New year, new you” has always made the wellness industry a profitable place for business to thrive but not all wellness crazes are selling something. So what happens when some influencers get together and start spilling their secrets to success? Well with internet access to those living lives of luxury, we couldn’t help but ask the questions about just how they got so rich and famous. Hearing people with their agenda, list-making obsessive day-to-day, second-by-second planning left us thinking… whatever happened to just enjoying life? You are not only the sum of your productivity and output but rather we would like to believe that the output and productivity you invest in are aimed at happiness for self and that of a better world, not to sell skinny tea on a sponsored post. 

Appetite suppressant supplement and Teas

Speaking of appetite suppressants, from the Kim K lollipop to the Skinny Tea craze, appetite suppressant was ranked on even the most reputable of health and wellness sites. We always believe there’s nothing wrong with being healthy, get a set regimen to go to the gym, take supplements that make you feel good, eat foods that work symbiotically with your body but we aren’t into this starvation nation craze, are you? Do what makes you happy but never deprive yourself of simple joys just to look a little skinny.

Sunscreen Pills

This was one of the more interesting wellness crazes we saw in 2019. Though the FDA warned that SPF was not regulated in pill form, sun pills still saw the light of day and we aren’t afraid to say it was weird. 

Non-Fair Trade Crystals

Crystals seemed to be everywhere and that’s all fine, it’s actually one of the wellness trends that seemed to transcend gender this year. Ultra-masculine fitness influencer’s touting the benefits of crystal healing was not in the least bit abnormal. Mid 2019, the Guardian released a controversial article speaking to the darker side of this once harmless healing art. As crystals always erred on the less woo-side of wellness, they became an insatiable craze for just about anyone with an Instagram. We won’t touch on the science of crystals as we’ve all been known to rub a rose quartz or two but there is little by way of regulating the fairtrade size of these less precious gemstones, unlike diamonds and gold, 80% of these gems if mined by families and small groups being paid next to nothing. Also, the main countries exporting these are some of the poorest in the world. Countries exporting crystals, like Madagascar, still suffer from the widespread use of child labor. In addition to the poor work conditions, lack of regulations leads to a slew of health problems from lack of proper mining conditions. Next time you go searching for the Citrine for a little extra prosperity, we suggest taking a good look at where you are buying it.

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