Cannabis Landscape 2020

Cannabis continues to be a hot topic in wellness and an even more volatile topic in the legal sector. One thing is for sure, cannabis is making an impact and the sales prove it is here to stay. Total legal sales are expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14% through 2025, reaching nearly $30 billion according to Forbes Magazine. What does that mean? Well, whether you are using cannabis and CBD for your wellness or you consider yourself a recreational user, we’re in it for the long haul!

We’ve rounded up some knowledge to give a good grasp at what we will see from Cannabis in 2020, the good and the bud, oops we mean bad.

When it comes to marketing Cannabis, 2019 was the year CBD became cool and THC became medical, who would have thought? We’re a long way from being Dazed and Confused about the benefits of THC for pain relief but brands began repackaging and reinventing their story to cater to a much younger group of consumers- often fueled by influencer recommendations and support. The primary cannabis consumer age ranges between 25-44, with just under half of all consumers being considered “millennials.”

According to Forbes, People between the ages of 25 and 44 comprise 45% of cannabis consumers. Talk about upgrades: we rebranded in early 2019 when CBD was taking a modern, athletic stance on wellness and as we saw in late 2019, CBD is coming in all forms now including “just for fun.”

Perhaps our favorite moments came when the canna-culture began aligning with sexual health and wellness, especially when it came to women’s health. Nearly half of women have suffered a form of sexual dysfunction, including those with chronic forms of sexual dysfunction. THC brands and CBD brands have put women’s health at the forefront of a plethora of marketing and content-driven forms to help provide insight and community surrounding these one- taboo topics. 

We are most excited about marketing and advertising for the cannabis community, it’s no secret that marketing has been a struggle but that struggle bred ever more creative and story-driven tactics for highly inspired (no pun intended) creation and connection in the industry. 2020 2Rise is working on a robust affiliate program to reward our beloved customers who continue to share their success stories and help us grow even bigger. We are actively seeking to partner with wellness, holistic and canna-friendly influencers and partners to build a collaborative network of accepting and open-armed ambassadors to help fight the stigma about CBD!

Our 2020 promise

 in 2019 we strived to continue to provide high-quality hemp and more transparent access to our customers, we made the move from co2 to solvent-free extraction which furthered our commitment to unadulterated oil. Our close relationship with an organically grown hemp farm in Colorado gifts us the opportunity to ensure our products contain only the highest quality ingredients. All of our ingredients are sourced with integrity and made with love. We regularly visit the farm to verify that their growing and cultivating processes match our high standards. Then we made a bigger step when we released our third-party lab results for the public. Third-party testing upholds high standards to ensure oil is pure and adulterated, as hemp becomes increasingly mainstream- we will see dramatic shifts in brands who are not adhering to the strict production and manufacturing standards we hold ourselves to. 2Rise produces high-quality oil with no additives or chemicals. We urge you to check out the lab results from our latest batch when you order!
Want to learn more? As cannabis continues to become more apparent in health, more studies and research will be available, in the meantime, the Center for Medical Cannabis Research can provide some insight into current research and testing.

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