Reducing your Toxic Load at Home

No doubt you’ve heard the phrase “toxic load” when browsing the internet for cleaner products. This phrase refers to the accumulation of toxins in our body that have been digested or absorbed through the skin. It’s more well known now that our skin absorbs 60% of what is put on it- but we forget that just breathing toxic air can contribute to a much heavier toxic load. Just like second-hand smoke, a toxic environment can be a precursor to a variety of illnesses and can even play a role in that runny nose that just won’t seem to quit!  Accumulation of toxins over a lifetime of exposure can contribute to much larger health  issues which is why there’s no time like now to start reducing your toxic load!

Eco-friendly cleaning products

Whether it comes in a spray can to defend yourself from those pesky unwanted house guests or it’s just for showing off that pristine mid-century mirror to impress the house guests you actually invited, cleaning products can be home to a variety of less-than-desirable ingredients. If you’ve ever opened a jar of tile cleaner and immediately felt a migraine coming in, I am sure you got an inkling that it wasn’t exactly healthy for you. Phthalates are dissolving agents that make the hotlist in a variety of household goods not just cleaning products. These chemicals have been linked to endocrine and reproductive issues in a variety of species when tested and questions remain as to their effect on human systems. Steering clear of these is easy now! Brands like Grove specialize in cleaner products ranging from cleaning to everyday personal care. If you’re not big on online ordering, brands like Method and Seventh Generation are available at big box stores like Target.

Detox your Vanity

Your makeup bag may be dirtier than you think. Environmental working Group, or EWG estimates that in the average 12 personal care products a woman uses everyday, there are a whopping 168 different chemicals present. Though some are more harmful than others, a movement called clean beauty has become personal care’s biggest champion in the fight for more transparent personal care products. More than 12000 chemicals have been approved for use in cosmetics by the FDA. The FDA recommends avoiding products with ingredients like “fragrance”  as a way to avoid untransparent ingredient lists.Studies have found heavy metals like lead in daily-use items like lipstick and endocrine-disrupting chemicals like parabens and phthalates. Shopping for these has become even easier with brands like Sephora dedicated online sections solely to clean beauty. You can shop boutique beauty shops for even stricter standards on what ingredients they allow brands in their shop to have. 

Shop Consciously 

Fruits and vegetables can not only positively aid in detoxing the body but there’s also a helpful list known as the “dirty dozen” that denotes which fruits and veggies have a higher bioaccumulation rate and should be bought from farms utilizing organic farming practices. Bioaccumulation is important because it also affects plants like CBD. Bioaccumulation, or the accumulations of pesticides, chemicals, other substances in an organism can range but fruits like apples, peaches, nectarines and more should be bought organically as their thin skin allows them to absorb a significant amount of toxins from the surrounding environment in which they are grown. Hemp itself is what’s known as a bioremediator, which means it can be useful in pulling toxins from the surrounding area – kind of like a venus fly trap. This does not mean it is immune to harmful pesticides which is why we source our hemp from an organic farm in colorado.

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