Women in Cannabis

In an industry like CBD and Cannabis that’s booming like crazy, we’d like to take a look at some of the leading ladies that inspire us as entrepreneurs to take on the competitive world and thrive.

Kendra Mark, the founder of 2Rise is amongst some of these inspiring women that not only teach us more about the magical effects CBD can have but also educate us on our bodies and how they work cohesively with this plant.

Anna Duckworth and Kate Miller founded Miss Grass for the sole purpose of educating people about cannabis use in everyday life through the science, the history, the culture, and the products that work best. Transparency is key because they view cannabis on a similar level to food, beauty, and wellness. Miss Grass is our go-to forum for education and fun fact about the cannabis lifestyle because they feature all sorts of products and lines that have been personally tested and experienced.

We discovered Not Pot while scrolling through the gram’ one day and we were immediately hooked. Kati Holland knows exactly how to make a necessary product, not only easily attainable but also cool as hell. Not Pot gummies are a simple way to get that daily dose of good ol’ CBD. With their simple sales approach and real AF attitude, Not Pot is one of those brands you just want to be a part of. Oh, and they have cool stickers too!

CBD seems to have two sides these days: cool and sexy. Mowellens, founded by Amy Duncan is one of those sexy, inspiring, soft CBD brands that at first glance you just want to have because the packaging is so simple and pretty. Take a deeper look and you’re immediately inspired by Amy’s passion for taking on life as it comes. As she put it “when life hands you more life, we’re here to support, calm, and help you superpower through it.”

Forums like Miss Grass are great because they offer wonders of information about the industry today. That’s why we also love Svn Space, co-founded by Megan Villa. They focus on the lifestyle of Hemp and how it fits into the day-to-day of (primarily) women. With endless blog content and shopable goods that have been tested and approved by real women, Svn Space is a platform for women to understand themselves inside and out and where Cannabis fits it.

Not only are we (obvious) big believers in the “daily dose,” but we’re big believers in the industry and the many women who are charging forward in a world full of nonsense meds and necessary plants. Join us in supporting these wonderful women as you have supported us so greatly over the past few years.

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